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A misty day at Ponte delle barche

posted 2022 May by

Ponte Delle Barche is the epitome of the short trip. Letting off steam, leaving paperwork and crazy schedules behind, the professionals of the big Italian cities come here during the weekend for relaxing barbecues, bike rides by the water, pic nicks or just romantic walks. The fresh air and beautiful scenery of the boat-made bridge on the canal, have built an inspiring tale of authentic elegance.

Sanguel saw this getaway from the city as the spark of inspiration for an unforgettable line of luxury fashion dresses, two-pieces, long cover-alls and sensual swimsuits, for a complete summer wardrobe. In natural beige colors, next to saffron yellows and bright blues, deep mandarin or off-whites, the key pieces of the luxury beachwear line create the perfect weekend suitcase. Silky soft acetate meets viscose on a smashing crop top deux-piece (no. 33, 36) and an elegant off shoulder number (no. 06) in soft flax color, and a linen mix fabric is incarnated into a divine long white dress (no. 21) that is the ideal choice for endless evening outings. Premium linen and silk long numbers cover yet follow the body’s movement to create versatile classics (no. 35).

The Ponte Delle Barche line from Sanguel’s new collection is an ode to sustainable fashion clothes, following the flow created by light and refreshing fabrics that transform, on Sanguel’s design table, into comfortable pieces of timeless elegance.